Tipping Campaign

Tipping Campaign

Opiniion offers a Tipping Campaign (beginning 2/1/2021) to partners that allows them to ask for a tip at the time a review request is sent. This is primarily used by service accounts and replaces their Default campaign.

To set up a Tipping Campaign first go to the location in the app. Click on the Campaign icon in the left column and the “ADD CAMPAIGN” button in the upper right. You will then give the campaign a name, such as “Tipping Campaign” and in the dropdown for campaign type select “Review Request & Tipping”.  The send option is going to be automated since this will replace the Default campaign, and add the tag "default" to the campaign. You will need to ask how often they want this new campaign to be resent. Some, like Merry Maids, see customers one a week or twice a month. If it is more than the “1Month” that is currently available, please message the Dev Team to have them set it up.

The next tab is pre-populated so if there are no changes requested continue to the distribution tab and set the percentages as needed.

On the next tab set two standard tip button amounts between $5 and $50 and enter the email address that the notifications will be sent to. Opiniion does not process any payments, we are simply alerting a partner that one of their customers wishes to leave a tip. You can also turn off the option to leave a custom tip on this page by sliding the “Enable custom tips” button to off.

On the last screen you can verify your campaign details in the right-hand column.

Lastly, you will need to change the tag for the Default campaign to "inactive" and set the status to inactive.

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