RealPage Instructions

RealPage Instructions

To subscribe your properties to Opiniion, please navigate to RealPage Central > Administration > RealPage Exchange > Marketplace. 

  1. 1.     Find Opiniion in the list of AppPartners.
  2. 2.     Click on Select next to Opiniion.
  3. 3.     Check the properties you wish to subscribe.
  4. 4.     Click Subscribe to Service.
  5. Complete your contact information in the bottom left corner, then check the box ‘I Accept’ to accept the Terms of Use. 
That is it!  Your Subscription request has now been submitted to the Opiniion team for approval.

Below are a snapshots with a few key notes, and attached is the full Marketplace User Guide for your reference.  In addition, there is a quick, easy to follow course within the RealPage Product Learning Portal you may access below.
·       EX17_1000 RealPage Exchange Introduction

·       See an introduction of RealPage Exchange and learn how to subscribe to a Marketplace provider.

·       Duration: 5 minutes

·       Click here to log into the Product Learning Portal.


·       A user can only manage subscriptions from RealPage Central.  You will not be able to subscribe or cancel from the property level.

·       The user submitting the subscription requests must have the ‘Access RealPage Central’ and 'Manage AppPartner Subscriptions' permissions.  Both of these permissions are located under the Core center. If you do not have this permission, please contact your Super User.

·       If you are a super user and need assistance with assigning this permission, please reference pages 3-6 of the attached user guide.

·       For additional assistance, please submit a support ticket from, choose RealPage Exchange in the product dropdown.

·       Your subscription request will remain in Pending status until Opiniion approves the subscription.  You can view the status of your subscriptions at any time by clicking on the number hyperlink under the Selected Properties.