Adding A User

Adding A User

To add a new user, first log into your Opiniion dashboard and locate the Users tab on the left-hand side. After clicking on the tab go to the “ADD USER” button in the upper right.

In the first window you will enter the user's First Name, Last Name and email. If the email address is a shared email like your first name would be front and last name desk. If it is a personal email like your first name would be John and last name Doe. A personal email address should never be associated with a position or title. For instance, Opiniion Support should be, not After clicking the “NEXT STEP” button you will assign the new user to the appropriate location(s). You will also select their role on this tab. Owners can add users, change permissions / roles, add customers, schedule / manage campaigns, respond to public reviews and private feedback, link GMBs to your dashboard. Managers can do everything Owners can do except for add users and link GMBs. An Agent can do everything Managers can do except for manage campaigns, change roles and preferences, and cannot view profile / user page.

Once you have set the location and role you will need to set the new user's communication preferences. A brief overview of these can be found in the ABOUT US: Email Notifications article.

The “ADD ANOTHER” button will allow you to add this user to other locations you may have if needed. Click "NEXT STEP" again and you will see the users preference for in app (in the dashboard) notifications. These are currently all set to active by default. The user can manage these notifications, or if you would like you can ask before setting up their profile.

Lastly, click “ADD USER” to create the new profile, and they will soon receive an email from Opiniion prompting them to create a user password.

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