Reviews and Opiniion Feedback

Reviews and Opiniion Feedback


 Opiniion, or private, feedback is only viewable on the Opiniion dashboard by the users of a specific location. It is found on the tab with the exclamation point inside the chat bubble icon. When clicking on the tab all feedback will be displayed. You can filter by the star rating, positive or negative sentiment or if the feedback still needs a response in the upper right. 

Just below the filter you will see icons of how customer’s feedback can be responded to. They will have an email, text or both icon depending on the contact information Opiniion has for them. By clicking on one of the icons a dialog box will pop up and a short message can be sent to the customer. Once "SEND" has been clicked the response will be displayed where the icons were previously. Please note that a user will not receive any notifications if a customer responds to their message through Opiniion. We suggest that if a user is going to need to have continued correspondence with their customer that they use a personal or business email or phone to continue those conversations easier. 


he star icon is for online public reviews. These reviews can be seen by anyone that searches for a location on an online platform. Again, these can be filter in the upper right. There is an additional filter in this tab though, the source filter, which is not present in Feedback. This will allow a user to look at specific platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. 

If the person icon is missing to the left of a customer’s name this means that the review was not left via an Opiniion review request. The customer may have searched out the location online and left a review that way. It is also possible
 the customer's Google alias can not be vetted against any customer data in Opiniion. 

On the far right there is either a 
“LINK TO GOOGLE NOW” or "REPLY NOW" button. If the button displays “LINK TO GOOGLE NOW” the user has not linked their GMB page to their Opiniion account. Once they have went through the steps of linking their GMB to their Opiniion account this button will display "REPLY NOW". 

Once they have linked their GMB they can click on the button, a dialog box will pop up and they can post a reply to the customer’s review directly and it will post to Google through the Opiniion app. After clicking “REPLY” their response will be posted and just like feedback the response will now show where the button was. The poster of the online review will also receive notification from Google that the location owner has responded to their review. 

There may also be a “VIEW ON SITE” button next to reviews for sites such as Facebook and Yelp. Clicking on this button will redirect the user to their actual Facebook or Yelp page where they will be able to respond to all new reviews. Reviews from platforms other than Google will only be seen here if we have set them up for the user.
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